About Penguins

This is for my sister in life, Ana. And all other penguins out there.

On this Sunday sumer night, about to close the day and say good bye to the weekend, I was randomly looking at Facebook posts and found this one I made on International Penguin Day, back in April (don’t ask me how I know when International Penguin Day is), and it was a comment attached to a video of penguins going about  themselves and being penguins; funny and at the same time giving you that feeling of constantly battling nature. I posted the video and wrote these lines alongside, referencing what I picked up from the penguin attitude:

“Keep your head high up, always be dressed as if you’re going to a top event, and if you (frequently) fall down, bounce back up, shake your head, look around, and move on like nothing ever happened.”

And that got me thinking tonight about the penguin attitude. Always looking sharp, kind of clumsily bouncing through life, and always, always, getting back up.

They have the smallest range of motion with those tiny feet. They live in the most inhospitable environments that can be, they have wings but can’t fly, and yet, all of those adverse characteristics they were born with, somehow are made for them to survive and thrive in the environment that seems to be the most inadequate for them. Aren’t we all, rebel demons of life, just like that? ill equipped for the environment we live in and yet, bouncing once and again every time we fall down? Truth is, if you feel identified with this, just like me, you know you somehow are naturally equipped to fail and bounce back at the same time in the environment you were thrown in. Constantly in the battle of feeling perfectly fit for your surroundings and helplessly unable to succeed.

Do you remember Brit boy -connection number 2- from my last post? He (We) kept the impossible, perfect, connection going on for about a month. A week ago he texted me this long message explaining how he thought we should slow down the frequency with communication, because he had been asked for a date the day before an realized he said “no” because he felt he was being “disloyal to me”, and how crazy is that?! After all, we are on opposite sides of the world and unless something “radically changed” this was a really long shot. And yeah- he’s right. However, things don’t radically change unless you try them first and decide YOU want to change them. But that takes courage; and knowing that you have been given small feet to walk on ice and wings that can’t fly, but you don’t give a fuck about that and you are still going to try.

Unfortunately, not all of us are penguins. Fortunately, some of us are, and we (frequently) fall down, bounce back up, shake our heads, look around, and move on like nothing ever happened.

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